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Navigating 20s: Self-Care Practices for Better Mental Health

 Hey everyone! Penny is here, and I’ve decided to write a post about self-care and the importance of it for our mental health. Recently, I started having a mini-self-care routine on Sundays. Whether it’s a face mask, a meditation, or maybe watching my favorite Turkish TV show with a bowl of popcorn, it makes me feel better and puts my mind at ease. Plus, I noticed that by implementing this into my life, I feel more ready for the new week, both emotionally and physically! No more Sunday evening blues, am I right?

You know, we have to take care of ourselves just like we take care of our friends and family. And looking after yourself is important. We have to remind ourselves of that.

For this post, I included some tips on how to create your own self-care routine. Here we go!

1) Face mask/pampering time.

I instantly feel better after a facial! Finding the perfect face mask and applying it to your skin is very important. You’ll also feel refreshed afterwards. I’ve been using Aloe Face Mask from The Body Shop, and since I have sensitive skin, it works well for me. Make sure you pick up something good for your face. If you have sensitive skin, make sure that you search and read reviews online and ask your family and friends about it before purchasing anything.

After my face mask, if I feel like it, I usually paint my nails. Recently, I’ve been invested in trying different nail arts! I learned how to do heart nail art, for example!

2) Energy cleansing.

I like to light some candles as well as aromatherapy candles, oils, and diffusers to change the atmosphere of my home. I think this is important because a negative atmosphere and air can also make you feel down and anxious. What I do is burn some sage and let it change the atmosphere of the air. I tend to do the energy cleansing rituals near full moons, moon eclipses, or even new moons in order to be protected from the heavy energies these events may bring.

3) Watch your favorite TV show or your comfort movie.

What I usually do is watch my favorite TV series, either online or on cable TV. I just give myself a break for, like, an hour or 30 minutes to finish an episode. I like to have some snacks I like while watching TV, like popcorn or nuts.

4) Plan your week.

Get a weekly planner or make your own and write down the things that you’ll do that week, your goals, and your plans. Planning is also great for anxiety if you are suffering from it like me. There are so many cute planners, colorful pens, and pencils that you can buy and doodle the whole week! By planning, you’ll also realize that you will feel more determined and goal-oriented for the new week.

5) Try a mindfulness meditation.

Staying present and aware of your surroundings is really life-changing. I used to be someone who would always think about the future or past and would go back and forth between them until I realized what I was doing was extremely wrong. When I start to worry about the future or my mind wanders away, I immediately tell my brain to” be in the moment.”

6) Read your favorite book.

Snuggle up with your current read this Sunday! Reading always makes me relaxed, as it transports me to other realities.

7) Baking something sweet.

I love spending time in the kitchen. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I cook my worries away! Plus, what’s better than cooking your own treats? Since I’m on a gluten-free and low-sugar diet, it’s important to bake my own food, and it’s a fact that the smell of freshly baked cookies in the oven makes you happy!

8) Last but not least, stay active!

Go for a run or walk with your headphones on. Even just going on a walk can increase your serotonin, and you’ll feel more content, relaxed, and ambitious for the upcoming week! Even stretching when you wake up in the morning really helps!

Do you have any tips? I’d like to hear your own self-care ideas! Let’s meet in the comment section below!

Until the next post,

Penny x

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