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Mastering the Manifestation Game: Your Guide To Making Dreams Come True

I decided to talk about manifestation and how we can manifest easily and effectively. I’ve been researching different manifestation methods, from astrology to numerology to tarot to crystals, for about 4 years now, and I’m continuously searching about these topics as they ignite an interest in me, so I decided to share some tips that were extremely helpful for me while I manifested things.

So, what exactly is manifestation? It is the act of making your thoughts and desires turn into reality. I usually think of it as alchemy. While manifesting, we turn that base material into gold. Human beings have the potential and capacity to make their thoughts come true. You have probably experienced this in your life. Remember that one time when you thought about a certain friend and they called you immediately? See, we are all connected to each other, and we all hold the potential to turn our thoughts into reality.

Manifestation can be seen as a hard thing, but it isn’t! When you are aligned with the universe, you will notice that everything flows in your life, including the things you manifest and desire! Remember, energy flows where intention goes!

So, how can we manifest things easily? The first step is to visualize your desires becoming a reality. Did you hear about the 17-second rule? If you can focus and visualize your wishes for 17 seconds, chances are they will happen more quickly! Remember, consistency is key while manifesting.


However, another key thing to do to manifest your desires easily is to write down your desires as if they have already happened. For example, if you want to buy an apartment, you’ll describe it in detail. Giving details is the most important thing in manifestation.


Here’s an example: "I just bought my own apartment today. It is spacious, it has a huge balcony, and I have beige sofas and the softest rug. I have Monet pictures all over my walls... Always remember that the more detail you provide, the better the outcome.


Try to feel it with your five senses. Feel the warmth of the rug in your living room; smell the pasta cooking in your kitchen; hear the music playing from the speakers in your room. Make your brain think that it’s already yours!


There are also key astrological dates for you to harness that manifestation energy. These dates are considered wish-granting days. Manifestation magic usually works faster during New Moon periods! But of course, you need to be careful whether the Moon is making a hard aspect (square or opposition) to another planet. When you purchase my manifestation journal, you will have access to those dates and how certain New Moon periods can be advantageous to manifest, especially when the Moon has favorable aspects for other planets! Also, certain crystals like pyrite, pink quartz, and green aventurine can be beneficial for manifestation magic too!


Have you ever tried this method? If so, what were the outcomes?

Let’s meet in the comment section below! I cannot wait to hear your own manifestation stories!

Until the next post,

Pen x

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