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Value Mastery Unveiled: Your Personal Code to Unleashing Potential

At the entrance of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, the following words are written in golden letters: "Gnothi Sauton," meaning "Know thyself." Our values lie beneath the journey of knowing ourselves. The things we care about and are in our focus are the most powerful tools we can use on this journey. The valuation process is a term coined by Demartini. Demartini is an American behavioral scientist and teacher who has devoted his life to the methods he developed to help people reach their highest potential. With the value determination process, Demartini raises our awareness by making us ask different questions and aims to transform our lives in a sense by helping us find the first three important values in our lives.

Demartini also points out that if we know our values with this technique, we will live our lives with a high source of motivation and inspiration. He argues that people can live happier and more satisfied lives as they know their values and reach a higher awareness of themselves.

What is the Value Determination Process?

This process, each consisting of approximately 13 questions, offers participants a wide range of options, from the expenses they make to the time they spend in different areas of their lives. According to Demartini, the more important a value is to you, the higher it is in your hierarchy of values and the more discipline and order you associate with it. The less important a value is, the lower it is in your hierarchy of values, and the less discipline and disorder you associate with it. What are the questions in the valuation process?

How Can We Find Our Top Three Values?

Before answering the questions, look at your life from a bird's-eye view. What do you spend the most money and time on? What do you like to do most? What inspires you most? What excites you to think about? After answering these questions, more or less an idea has appeared in your mind. To answer these questions, you only need paper, a pencil, and a quiet environment. These are the questions you will answer. Let us remind you that every question has three answers.

-What do you fill your space with most, second, and third?

-What do you spend your time on most, second, and third?

-What gives you the most, second, and third energy?

-What do you spend money on the second and third most?

-What do you think about most, second, and third?

-What do you visualize and then realize the most?

-What do you internally dialogue with yourself about most?

-In what areas of your life are you most organized and disciplined?

-In which areas of your life do you think you are most successful?

-What inspires you most?


What are the Potential Benefits of Setting Values to Our Lives?

Our values are the mirror of our lives. Thus, after identifying our three highest values, we can easily work on the areas in our lives where motivation is lacking and improve these areas.

For example, according to Demartini, it is possible for someone who has problems with relationships to evolve into a satisfying situation by finding out how being in a relationship can serve their first three values. If your first value is, for example, getting an education, you can start by finding 20 potential benefits of a potential relationship to your first value. You only need paper and a pencil for this. When you turn within, you will find the answers to all of them. In addition, living in alignment with our values allows us to enjoy life more by keeping us in flow and thus experiencing the most optimal state of consciousness. If we reach this awareness within ourselves, this indirectly results in accepting, loving, and showing compassion to ourselves. Thus, we can make confident progress in our own personal development journey. Transforming your life and moving to a different reality is actually quite possible with these questions we ask ourselves.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you think learning about your values will help you live a more intentional life? Let's meet in the comments below!  

x Penny

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