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The Importance of Law of Detachment While Manifesting

Hey everyone! Penny here. I've been researching universal laws for quite some time. While preparing my manifestation journal, I started searching and learning more about the law of detachment. So, the thing is, whenever I wish for something and try my best to manifest it, I can’t let go! Then, I realized that this was affecting the process of my wish coming true.

It was like checking the oven all the time while cooking something. And what happens if you do that?

  1. Your meal will be ready in 5 hours instead of 1.

  2. There are chances that you might burn your hand since you keep checking the oven all the time.

  3. You will become irritated and angry, blaming yourself and telling yourself that you are the worst cook ever.

You are probably nodding your head now; I can see you, lol! Yet, this can be avoided!So, what can we do when we try to manifest something? How do we detach ourselves? What exactly is the law of detachment?

The law of detachment is an ability to let go of one's need to control outcomes in situations, attachment to one's desires, and the need to control other people.

Let’s assume that we really want to have that brand new car or meet our soulmate. We did everything to manifest them, but we keep checking the time all the time.

Literally, we are manipulating the situation. The more we do that, the more it runs away from us. I know that this one is the most challenging spiritual law of all time, since we really want our manifestation to come true, but the situation gets messy and complicated. 

We need to take a deep breath and let it go. You are probably saying, "Okay, Penny, we get it." But how can we do this?"

So, how can we detach ourselves from the situation, then? 

  • Have full trust in the universe. Yes, the universe, or the power you believe in, knows our hearts’s truest desires. When we are aligned with our true values, what belongs to us will knock on our doors. Detachment is rooted in trust—trust in the universe, trust in the process, and trust in your own ability to manifest. By relinquishing attachment to how and when your desires will manifest, you demonstrate faith that the universe will deliver what is in alignment with your highest good.


  • Let it go. Yes, you manifested it at the right time.When you detach from outcomes, you operate from a place of inner stillness and serenity rather than from the ego's incessant demands and desires.

  • Allow for flow of energy! Attachment can create energetic blockages that impede the manifestation process. Detachment, on the other hand, allows the free flow of energy between you and your desires. By releasing attachment, you create space for the universe to orchestrate the fulfillment of your desires in ways that may exceed your expectations.


  • When some things do not happen, it’s either not the right time or it's not meant to be. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes things are not meant to happen and that is for our highest good. It is okay to cry it out, but remember that there are really amazing things planned out in your book. Trust me, accepting this will liberate you from the situation. Believe that whatever is meant for you, will find you.

  • Give control to your Higher Self. Detachment aligns you with higher states of consciousness, such as acceptance, surrender, and presence. When you detach from outcomes, you operate from a place of inner stillness and serenity rather than from the ego's incessant demands and desires.

Always ask and say, "What else is possible in the universe?"

"How could it be better than this?"

"Universe, tell me how I can improve this situation."

Remember, a grateful heart is really the door to miracles. When you are already thankful for what you have, you’ll attract more abundance. When you are grateful, you vibrate higher. This higher vibration will automatically match you with your heart’s true desires.

I would like to finish this post with this lovely quote that I really like.

''If you let go, your life will flow.''


Let’s meet in the comments down below! Did you know about the law of detachment?

Until next time,

Penny x

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Apr 28

This is a very informative blog post, Penny! I have been practising the law of detachment as I go through the process of selling our property and buying another. I must say, I feel tremendously more positive for not fixating on the 'what if'. ❤️

Intentional Lucie


Apr 20

Miracles do happen and very possible, manifesting is great and love to do it. This is great and informative post.


Apr 19

This is such an interesting read, the cooking thing is something I have done plenty of times in the past!

Lucy |

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