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The Hidden Power of Oracle Cards

Hey, guys! It’s Penny here.

I’ve been wanting to type something about oracle cards and how they changed my life, but I didn’t know what to write exactly. So, after a lot of brainstorming, I wanted to write down my experience with oracle cards and the hidden power they hold.

First of all, let me introduce what oracle cards are.

Oracle cards are a type of divination tool used for spiritual guidance, insight, and reflection. Unlike tarot cards, which have a specific structure and set of meanings, oracle cards are more flexible and can vary widely in their themes and interpretations.

Structure: Oracle card decks can have any number of cards, and there is no standard structure or format. The themes can range from angels and spirit animals to affirmations and guidance messages.

Interpretation: The interpretation of oracle cards is more open-ended compared to tarot cards. You are encouraged to rely on your intuition and personal connection to the cards, thus this requires thinking and asking yourself, "What could this mean in this situation?"

Usage: Oracle cards are used for meditation, personal reflection, and spiritual insight. They can be used in a variety of spreads, much like tarot cards, or simply drawn one at a time for daily guidance. The use of them might be similar, but Oracle cards are used to get instant messages. They are usually uplifting, and the message is determined by you and your viewpoint.

There are lots of oracle cards. My first deck was the "Work Your Light" deck. I’m in love with this deck. I'm not going to lie. The messages, cards, and illustrations are beyond breath-taking and beautiful. Even if you look at a random card from this deck, you’ll experience an immense awakening.

This state of awakening will also continue in your everyday life. You will feel attuned to the symbols. For example, after starting my inner self journey and using oracle cards, a white feather I saw on the street became more meaningful to me. I started seeing repeating numbers whenever I thought of a certain situation.

For example, I remember pulling the "Crumbling" card a few months ago. (It can be the equivalent of the Tarot card "The Tower"). Two days later, I experienced an epiphany. It was definitely the "crumbling" of a situation. I was very shocked!

Usually, oracle cards are accompanied by a little guidebook. In this book, there are usually instructions on how you can ask certain questions, send messages behind cards, prepare yourself, and protect your energy field before starting the reading.

So, why are oracle cards could alter ou life? Let’s discuss!

Firstly, they carry uplifting messages. If you start your day with these messages, you will definitely feel inspired.

Secondly, you will feel more connected with your Higher Self. Your vision will be clearer. Personally, whenever I feel like I’m stuck and unable to make a decision, I turn to my oracle cards. They are always there to make me hear my soul’s true message.

Thirdly, you will feel more relaxed. Whenever you are aligned with your true self and can hear your soul's guidance, you will feel more in the flow. The cards will help you to listen your intuition.

The key thing with oracle cards is to use them for navigation rather than a determination for a certain topic. The cards reveal your subconscious to you, which according to Jung, is where our true destiny lies. Don't forget the choice is always yours and and you don't need to do what the cards are saying, there is always the freedom of free will.

Just take the message if it resonates with you.

Let’s meet in the comments! Are you using Oracle cards for guidance? If not, would you ever consider using them?

Until the next post!

x Penny



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Jun 15

Wow, this post has really intrigued me! I've never heard of oracle cards before, but your insights have definitely piqued my interest. It sounds like they have a powerful way of uplifting and connecting you with your higher self.


A really interesting read about oracle cards! x

Lucy |

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