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Mindfulness For Content Creators

Hello, my fellow content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs! You are all tough cookies, trying to manage your 9–5 life alongside a passion for content creation. It’s okay to feel a bit burned out and like you’re losing creativity. But this course is here for you to ignite that spark once again.

This course is for you if... 

you feel like you're stuck in your creativity process and experiencing burnt-out.

you are tired of trying meditation apps but cannot seem to get full benefit from them. 

you feel like you are either trapped in the past or the future. 

you noticed that life has not been enjoyable lately.

you are experiencing severe anxiety, and it’s affecting the quality of your life. 

you are tired of paying hundreds of dollars for wellbeing courses but not getting any benefit, 

you want to quit the anxiety and depression medications. 

you don’t have time or resources to attend an 8-week course.

or you are just curious about what mindfulness really is and trying to find an easy way to start.

Then you're in the right place! My 'Mindfulness For Content Creators' course is launching this spring!

Who is Penny?

As an MBSR (8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) graduate with a minor degree in psychology, Penny’s fascination with how the brain works led her to a fascination with wellbeing. Thus, she wanted to focus on the wellbeing of others and embarked on her journey to earning her mindfulness teacher certification. In order to help people and simplify mindfulness, she decided to create this introduction course, as she noticed not everyone has the time or money to access the long mindfulness courses. One of her life goals is to make mindfulness more accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

‘’Mindfulness is a tool that is already living inside you. Do you remember that when you were a little kid, your focus was only on the games you used to play with your friends in the playground? For you, in that moment, life was just all about that game. You grew up, lost friends, tried to fix relationships, and lost the fun you had. Now, you just have to remember how to use it, as your brain is wired to live in automatic mode. But it’s in your hands to re-teach your brain how to live mindfully.''

- Penny, Founder of The Mindfulness House & What Did She Type

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